The Trademark System & LIPEX Services

Why Trademarks are important
Trademarks are the global legal cornerstone of brand value, protection and exploitation. Any business or individual that trades under a name or logo (a “mark”) should protect the value they have built and are building in their mark by registering it as a Trademark, wherever they trade or plan to trade. Registering your Trademark prevents others from “passing off”, effectively piggy-backing on the investments you have made developing, sometimes over many years, your brand. Equally, you may be unwittingly breaching someone else’s Trademark, thereby opening yourself and your brand up to litigation risk and potentially significant financial cost

The Trademark Process - Timescales
So registering a Trademark has become an essential part of the legal process when starting business or launching a product. However navigating the process to register a trademark can be a daunting and time consuming process. Due to the number of checks and process to establish the unique characteristics of a new registration the process takes between 6 Months and 2 years depending on the Jurisdictions required. One of the reasons is that due to the demand for Trademarks many names are already registered so finding a Mark which wont conflict with someone else’s registration can be challenging. This requires and extensive search to check for the desired word or logo will not be contested. Other Trademark owners can object to your application if they feel it is to similar or conflicts with their Marks. This can be challenging as in today’s business environment new products and services can have short launch schedules and waiting for a Trademark registration to complete can delay the launch.

How can LIPEX can help
LIPEX are able to help by reducing the timescale to acquire a Trademark. Not only do we have our own large and growing inventory of Trademarks that can be acquired or licensed in a matter of hours, but we have identified many more (tens of thousands) available Trademarks that can be acquired in a short timescale (Typically 3 - 6 Weeks) significantly less risk than pursuing the normal application route. We source these Trademarks either from our own database of available Trademarks or from third party, willing sellers we have identified. These services can allow a new company or brand launch which is fully protected in a much shorter timescale.

Key benefits of acquiring a Trademark
By working with Lipex, sellers can now finally monetise non-core intangible assets efficiently, reaching a global audience of potential buyers. Buyers can acquire Trademarks at an agreed price and in a matter of hours, rather than months or years. Critically, buyers can hugely accelerate their speed to market and almost entirely mitigate their litigation risk as they are buying their chosen Trademarks from willing sellers.
Finally, at LIPEX we are bringing the sale and purchase of Trademarks into the 21st century. This gives you access to a global audience of people who are either seeking to buy or sell, very quickly. If you are considering registering a Trademark, why not try Lipex first? We could save you a significant amount of time, money, risk and effort!