Over the last 20 years we have seen global markets merge and expand in to new territories. Now The London Intellectual Property Exchange (LIPEX) offers Brands or their agency partners an opportunity to reach the market quicker than ever before with the security that they have a trademark which can be bought or licensed to sell their product or services.

LIPEX is a central hub, we bring the market place to you, our focus is inviting new global partners, who are looking to buy, license or sell a trademark and who are looking for consultancy to expand their current trademark opportunity.
With a vast amount of trademarks available to us in a multiple of classes, there is a huge opportunity to work with us to expand your service offering. Depending on the trademark, and the class, we have a generous commission structure as well as exploring opportunities to jointly license a trademark.

If you are a Brand or Brand Agency looking to offer your clients or customers a new product or opportunity by licensing, buying or expanding their or your trademark portfolio, we would love to hear from you.

If you are a Trademark Attorney looking for ways to monetise some of your client’s unused assets then we would love to discuss how we can help with our brokerage and listing services.

In addition if you are an insolvency practioner and looking to realise funds from a company liquidation Trademark asset bank we have a client base who will make you an offer.

With LIPEX focuses on full 360-degree sales, purchases or licenses in multiple industries. We are the perfect partner, with an extensive network, which can increase your revenue streams by monetizing your brand or trademarks.

Please get in touch below by giving us a call or filling out our enquiry form and a representative will discuss with you what we can offer to enhance your services. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the market place.