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LIPEX can help you find a trademark using our unique database you can check if the Trademark words or designs you have are available to Trademark. During your search we may also be able to offer Marks which are available to purchase or licence which may save you time. We can also help you check availability of domains. When you find what you want we are here to assist you with new registrations

New registrations
LIPEX can conduct a comprehensive search and register

Existing Brand owner?
Here at The London Intellectual Property Exchange we would love to hear from you, we have a growingclient base that may be interested in your purchasing or licensing your IP, to license from you, generating you additional revenue.

Trademark Sale or License
If you have a trademark you no longer require and wish to sell, we are keen to speak to you. With our growing global client base we constantly have new enquiries from our clients looking to purchase or license trademarks. Contact Form

Trademark Extension
We have the in-house knowledge and ability to work with you to extend your existing trademark for additional licensing opportunities. Contact Form