buy, sell, license or register a trademark

We are here to help you register, buy, sell, license or expand a Trademark’s categories or jurisdiction and with access to some of the worlds leading legal experts in Intellectual Property and Trademark Attorney’s, we can assist you protect, develop, buy, sell or licence what is often your most valuable business asset – your brand.

We have created a market for the purchase, sale, licensing and commercialisation of Trademarks to support every type of businesses to:

  • get to market quickly without having to wait to find out if you can register a new brand
  • in many cases, we can also provide a suitable domain name (URL)
  • a Trademark gives you the legal protection you need to invest in a brand
  • or, potentially help you monetise a brand that is already established by finding willing buyers keen to license your brand in the existing or new line of business
If an established name is not what you want, our legal experts can help you register a new Trademark in the UK and internationally.

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However, before you start the long and uncertain process of registering a new Trademark or buying an expensive domain name without a Trademark to protect your investment, you should consider searching our database for a “mark” or “brand” that you may be able to buy or license now. We may already have exactly what you are searching for now, or something very close to it. If it already exists and obtaining legal ownership or a license, you will be far more likely to avoid a charge of “passing off” and the years of litigation that can cause. We will often have an available domain name that is associated with a Trademark and hence you can buy or license both with certainty as to ownership.